Everyone said that they want to"do the brand"
but no one told me what time is best?
Branding is about seizing every opportunity to communicate with the public and convince them why they want to choose their own brand. Larry Light, a well-known American brand expert, once said:"The future is a war of brands. Having a market is more important than owning a factory, and the only way to own a market is to have a strong brand." It can be seen that building a brand is an urgent task.

When is it better for me to make a brand?
Will it be awkward to do a brand transformation?
We have compiled some timings for branding for your reference. In fact, the focus is on "why" to make a brand. As for the timing, as long as you evaluate it, the sooner the branding starts, the better!
Integrate "brand design" and "marketing channels"
Discover the core competitiveness of customers, repackage! Make the brand more powerful and marketing more international!
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  • Multimedia & animation design

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